A Beginners Guide to Buying T-Shirt for Men

T-shirts are considered to be a classic staple of every man’s wardrobe and they are undoubtedly the most fashionable casual outfit. Irrespective of what one’s personal style is there is likely to be at least one tee that is ideal for each of them. Few of them might find it challenging to find one that suits their tastes, but with countless retail outlets and online shopping sites finding the right t-shirt is not that tough anymore.

If you have plans to buy one for yourself or for your friend, don’t miss out on reading this article as this is where you can get to know what to look for when buying a tee for a male.

Here are five useful tips that can guide you through the process.

  • T-shirts are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs. From fashionable graphics to stylish necklines, there are innumerable choices. Before buying a t-shirt, it is important to realize what you need and what your priorities are. Would you prefer simple designs or a fashionable party wear? What kind of neck design would you want- a collared neck, v-neck or round neck? Are you looking for a half sleeve or full sleeved tee? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the choices.
  • Opt for good quality brands that offer long lasting, high quality fabric t-shirts. For instance, Duck and Cover is one brand that is highly reputable for its high quality fabric used for making t-shirts. Such branded tees may cost a bit more than the local ones, but they will last longer, providing value for the money in the long run.
  • Never shop for a t-shirt, without knowing the right size, whether it is for self or a friend of yours. If you buy an oversized or undersized t-shirt, you will have to soon return for an exchange. Few of the stores may not entertain exchanges; so, better find out the size beforehand or if you are shopping for yourself, you can try them before you buy, and most stores have a trial room for this very purpose!
  • Something that’s in trend today is the flurry of t-shirts with funny quotes or slogans printed on them. If you are buying a tee for a cool teenager or kid, they would really love such options. But, if it is meant for a family-oriented person who doesn’t like such quotes, you can opt for a sober outfit. All kinds of tees are available from local brands, but if you want them to last longer, you can consider quality options like Duck and Cover T-shirts.
  • Consider shopping for a t-shirt online as this gives you the added convenience of purchasing from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is check out the website of your favorite brand’s retail outlets, choose the one you want and place an order for it. That’s pretty much it – the t-shirt of your choice will soon be delivered at your doorstep.

Being aware of these tips before beginning your shopping can help you in making a good choice without much confusion and add that extra zing to your personality.

Why Should Invest in Personalised Hoodies for Ladies?

When you compare with the other advertising forms such as print ads and radios, items that are meant for promoting will reach directly to the customers. In fact, it is more prevalent with respect to clothing products, since company’s employees and clients wear those. Unlike the radio commercials, people also show interest in promotional products such as personalised hoodies, since they can be used for longer duration.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts like caps, mugs, hoodie sweatshirts, and t-shirts, are definitely cost effective when compared with print ads, radio, and TV. Companies offer this for free and make sure that they place company logo and name.

Whenever a person or employee wears that piece of clothing with name and logo, it represents the sense of belonging and also company unity. This is the reason why you need to include personalized stuff for ladies in your marketing plan. Here are some of the reasons why you need to include these things in your plan.

Expressing Love towards Gifts

When it comes to ladies, it is very much true. As soon as you offer a gift to girl, she instantly establishes a sense of bonding. When you include ladies’ hoodies in the list of promotional goods, it certainly increases your company’s popularity. To make the most out of it, make sure that the hoodie is of outstanding quality. The ideal time to offer the stuff is during events, sales calls, and social functions, so that people can start using them on the spot.

Common Identity

Your employees will use your company’s hoody and it looks more appealing while they use your hoody at a trade show. They look professional as well as united. Wearing company hoodies at that point of time can help customers to approach your employees and ask for any assistance.

In addition, your company gets strengthened further if they are offered with promo items. They straightway feel like promoting business, and also help in building better relationships.

Satisfying the Customers and Boosting Employee Commitment

This kind of personalized merchandise can be an excellent reward for clients as well as employees. Not only do employees get free clothing, but they also come to know that the company is recognizing their efforts and skills. So, whenever you offer an incentive program, make sure that you include a ladies’ custom-made hoody as one of the reward items. Unlike the trophies, and cash vouchers, they can use these hoodies wherever they go.

As a result, more people start wearing these products; their friends and families will certainly show interest towards your company or business, and in turn, your brand will get exposure and more public attention. If the item is truly exceptional, then you need to spend time and money on the promotional item in order to attract customers.

If you are looking for personalised hoodies, www.cliftonclothing.com offers you hassle free service. With the easy ordering process and online customisation, it takes only few minutes to take order, customize, and finish the purchasing process. So, go ahead and try it out during your next promotional campaign, and see the impact.

Top Five Live Music Venues in London

London is well-known for its music scene and venues. Irrespective of whatever kind of event it is, whether it is corporate conference, live music, simple get-together, or a seminar, venues in London suit perfectly for your requirements. Here are top 5 live music venues in London that are worth taking a look.


Boisdale is one of the new venues in London playing the live music. It has gained reputation very quickly and is famous for live Jazz and other performances. Popularity of this particular venue has gone up due to convivial and comfortable surroundings, and top0class facilities. Restaurants at the venue have Scottish-themed menu, including Scottish smoked salmon and lavish Angus beef steak, with super collection of whiskies. Boisdale tops the list with top-notch amenities and stands as the best choice for people who want a great night out.

New Cross Inn

New Cross Inn is one of the greatest pub music venues in London. This particular venue has got very good reputation for hosting some of the best shows and also offers opportunities to few local bands to showcase their talent to public, and prove their worth. With small stage and friendly surroundings, fans can get very close to the musicians. Modest price also allows people to enjoy the live music venues without any concern about high expenses. New Cross inn is a musical gem in the chain of pubs present in London. There is an open mic on Tuesday nights and you can enter for free until 2am.


Nambucca on Holloway Road in London is one of the popular venues for new and upcoming bands to perform and gain good reputation. It was reopened in the year 2010 after being destroyed by a major fire in the year 2008. You can find gigs on every weekend or once in weekday. Other childish entertainments here include Street Fighter 2, Classic Pinball Table, Table Football, and Arcade Machine.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is a brilliant live music venue in London that has won lots of accolades for its superior quality. It is located in Croydon and stages several indie and rock nights. It also hosts break dancing, hip hop, and other genres such as dubstep and techno heads. It is considered as one of the popular clubs for fans, with most of the nights free till 9:00 pm, and you can find open mic night every 3rd Saturday.

The Half Moon

The Half Moon is one of the favourites for London music lovers and still one of the longest running venues.  It has got a pub with more space for hangers and to enjoy the fine wine, food, and delightful company.

The venue has been hosting live events since 1963; apart from live music, it has got an outstanding jukebox for music lovers.

Other Venues to Consider

The Old Blue Last is considered as the coolest pub in the world. In the past, several eye-catching performances from Arctic Monkeys, Diplo, Young Knives, and Lightspeed Champion have been hosted here.

So, go ahead and have a blast at any of these venues, and enjoy great live music in UK.

Fashionable Tips for Women to Wear Leather Jackets

Leather jackets for women are turning out to be more and more versatile. Needless to mention, they have gotten fashionable and sexier also. Gone are the days when leather jackets were exclusively meant for men. There are innumerable high quality jackets available in the market such as the CP Company jacket.  Women’s leather jackets have to be worn the right way to avoid committing a fashion blunder. Here are few tips that can help you in flaunting leather jackets flawlessly.

Biker Jacket

Biker jackets in leather are very famous. They normally come with metal hardware, an asymmetric front and zipper detailing. Many women pair such jackets with a t-shirt and jeans. This may look good, but try a different but trendy approach by teaming it up with a silky shift outfit and flat ankle boots for a modern and cool look.

Black Accessories

The standard rule for matching black with black is true for leather jackets. If you are going to wear a black jacket, pick accessories in black right from your shoes to handbags. They are perfect for a late night party or formal evening event. During summer, you can also combine them with finger-less gloves. A lady can get the perfect look with gloves, shoes, handbags and jackets- all in black.

All-Leather Accessories

Here again, like all-black all-leather accessories can present an excellent appearance. If you boots, gloves, jacket, and purse are all of leather that would be the winning combination. A complete leather look, particularly with fur, is perfect for winter. Winter boots and gloves are normally made of fur and leather and go great with leather jackets and handbags.

Layered Look

When you decide to wear a leather jacket, opt for a layered look. During extremely cold winters, team up your jacket over cardigans and knits. On top of it, tie around a cosy scarf. Also, consider layering it over a hoodie. The whole look will appear cool and casual.

Contrasting Textures 

Come up with an exciting outfit by pairing your jacket with contrasting textures. Use a stiff leather jacket with flowing chiffon. On the other hand, worn in jacket might be the perfect combination for chunky woolen knits. If you are not sure how to wear leather jackets the right way, opt to spend on shearling trims.

Take Leather Formal

Wear a long skirt and present a formal look. Add a leather jacket to a long skirt and white shirt. Keep it funky with a black, choker leather ankle boots. The overall effect would appear dressed up and youthful, while also being sophisticated and updated.

Wear It with Printed Pants

A pair of jeans or pants in solid color can give a more conventional look, but printed pants will spice up your look even quicker. Choose a contrast jacket with a graphic print. Alternatively, select a dominant color from your printed pants and make use of it in your jacket color.

There are several ways in which you can match your leather jacket with different accessories. The key is to be creative, while staying updated with the trends.

How to Style a Man’s Winter Jacket Without Spending a Fortune?

Most men look for simplicity when it comes to their wardrobe selection, though it isn’t bad to dress right for the circumstances. The snowboard jackets seem out-of-space at work, while formal long coats in casual parties. Whether you want to purchase slopes-ready jacket or just add some flash to your clothes, you need to choose your coat carefully, ensuring that you get the most for your investment.

Choose Rugged Jackets

Look for windproof, waterproof, warm synthetic insulation, and rugged exterior factors when buying sporty winter jackets. The versatility and comfort should be considered in casual winter wears, without compromising on fit and quality. Proper fit will keep you warmer and make you look better as well. It’s better to try on lots, before making the final decision.

Jacket isn’t always enough to look dapper, but you can style it, while also keeping you warm during cold hours outside. Play right with some elements to look like the fashionable icons of Hollywood.

Color It Up

The most viable option when it comes to styling up a jacket is pocket square; there aren’t fixed rules for picking pocket square, but ensure that it coordinates well with the shirt (top) if not the whole look. Opt for bright shades, like yellow or red to make you look better or else basic shades, such as black, blue, and grey come handy, if you do not wish to look too flashy. When worn with plain t-shirt, go for patterned pocket square that not only adds color, but also takes concentration away from tummy, making you look slimmer rather than fat.

Metal Blending

The metal details are in fashion since few years; though initially it was considered as trend in women’s fashion, it’s slowly making its move towards men’s industry as well. The metal detailing has become an integral part in the design section; most of the men’s designerwear brands have been incorporating metal detailing in their own terms, making it their fashionable signature statement. The metal strips on the collar or pocket add a lot of spark and it represents the power and strength of a man.

Roll It Up

In order to give a different look, it’s always better to fold up your jacket’s sleeve and show off your wrist area. The electric prints and youthful colors can add a specific twist to plain look. The vivid print or a little bright texture from the inside of the outerwear always accounts for interesting details. Animated prints can make you look stylish; it not only breaks the monotony of browns or blues, but also reflects certain refreshing shades. Make sure to wear printed jackets with plain denims or trousers, but not with printed or animated bottoms. Voi jeans go well with all kinds of shirts.


Accessories are one section that men don’t like to explore much; however, if you want to look unique and stylish from rest, invest in popular accessories, such as wristband or bracelets. The jacket should match the sensibility and style of your shoes, be it sneakers or hiking boots.

A man’s winter jacket can serve as both sword and armor, and protect you from frozen climate, while expressing authority and confidence at the same time. Pick the right one that makes sense to wear in winter, keeping you stylish yet warm.

How to Find the Best Brands for Designer Men’s Clothing?

Online shopping has taken over the traditional way of shopping. Now, you can purchase accessories and clothes without actually visiting the retail shop. Right from designer jeans to accessories, you can always get all the items within matter of minutes by shopping online.

Tips to Find the Best Brands for Designer Clothing

Being in style is kind of mandatory for every occasion. However, shopping can be stressful and tiring. You need to go to several retail stores in order to get your favourite clothing within your budget. You might end up getting very few pieces by end of the day. It is quite unfortunate that most of the branded men’s clothing is expensive.

It is quite hard to find affordable and fashionable garments from the retail shops and malls. You need to wait for the arrival of the product and then visit again. For best deals, you need to wait till the end of the season. By that time, new trends sprout and the old ones look outdated. You can stay in fashion, if you are purchasing men’s designer clothing online. Most of the web stores offer you attractive discounts for purchasing your favorite clothing online. Get your favourite jeans from reputed online portal- Paul and Shark.

  • Few online portals offer special packages and discount coupons on their website. A great way to get offers and deals from websites is by signing up for the web stores. You can also receive notifications about the upcoming sales and promotional offers by subscribing to their mailing list. Save and set your budget for online shopping.
  • Usually, online stores carry all leading brands when it comes to designer’s jeans. Right from Levis to Luke, you have got wide range of choices when selecting pants. They are available in different cuts. You can get slim fit or straight cut versions depending on your preference. Colours range from blue and gray to dark blue and acid wash.
  • Men’s designer jeans are easy to match with different coloured tops. If you are purchasing a single piece, then you need to have other clothes in mind as well. Make sure that they fit you well; otherwise, you need to purchase new ones to go well with brand new pants.
  • Purchasing clothes online always raises questions about how the garments fit you. Online stores also offer products with set of descriptions like measurements. You need to know the precise size before purchasing anything. If you face certain problems with size, most of the online stores come up with offers like exchanges and returns. They also offer choices to select the best ones that come in different colours.
  • Designer men’s clothing last for very short duration in actual retail outlets. A garment that you spot may not available after few days. Unlike retail outlets, online retailers offer you reservation feature. You can have your item reserved for certain time, if you are not able to decide when to purchase.